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How to mitigate upload issues due to unstable/low-quality internet connections

The Ravello Import Tool enables the high-speed upload of disk files data to cloud storage. With that goal in mind, it was built to optimize performance over medium- and high-speed internet connections.

Unfortunately, in medium-low or unstable internet connections, it might be degraded and at times unusable. The resulting issues may include:

  • Hanged uploads
  • Very slow uploads
  • Failed uploads

If you have a proxy and this article does not help resolve your issues, continue reading.

The problem is likely due to your internet connection quality, or throttling of your upload speed due to proxy, firewall or other network throttling tools that usually exist in enterprise companies’ networks.

To avoid such scenarios, you can try to upload your file using FTP (a more generic protocol) to an FTP server and import it to Ravello from there, as described in the following procedure:

1. Add the following VM from Repo to your Ravello account


2.  Publish it in a new application on US East 1/Virginia.

Important: Use a keypair that you will be able to use later to SSH the VM externally.

 3.   Upload  the images (files) to the FTP server using an FTP client (for example,            Filezilla).

The following example uses a command line FTP client. 

4.  Find the VM's DNS or IP address.

ftp ravelloftp@<server-dns.srv.ravcloud.com>

Connected to ftpserverubuntu-duduftptes-b7egdubm.rnd.srv.ravcloud.com.

220 Welcome to lab's FTP service.

331 Please specify the password.

password : ravello

230 Login successful.

 Upload the files 

ftp> lcd <directory-with-all-files-to-uploads>

Local directory now:<directory-with-all-files-to-uploads>

ftp> mput *

mput <file name> [anpqy?]? y

229 Entering Extended Passive Mode (|||62815|).

150 Ok to send data.

    0        0.00 KiB/s

226 Transfer complete.

All the files you want to upload are now copied to the FTP server.

 **When using GUI client such as FileZilla the default username is “ravelloftp” and the password is “ravello”

Also note that in some cases the connection fails due to Active/Passive mode. if the LIST command fails, try and switch the mode.



5.  Install the import-cli on the FTP server:

ssh to vm with keypair

ssh -i /keys/key.pem ubuntu@<dns-of-vm.srv.ravcloud.com>

6.  Download the latest version of CLI import tool:

Go to the download page (and copy the link to the cli for linux)

     ubuntu@FTPServerubuntu:~$ wget <paste the link here>

e.g : http://import-tool.ravellosystems.com/linux/ravello_linux.tar.gz

--2015-12-22 17:33:44--  http://import-tool.ravellosystems.com/linux/ravello_linux.tar.gz

Resolving import-tool.ravellosystems.com (import-tool.ravellosystems.com)...

Connecting to import-tool.ravellosystems.com (import-tool.ravellosystems.com)||:80... connected.

HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK

Length: 661049 (646K) [application/x-tar]

Saving to: 'ravello_linux.tar.gz'


100%[===============================================================================================================================>] 661,049     4.10MB/s   in 0.2s   


2015-12-22 17:33:44 (4.10 MB/s) - 'ravello_linux.tar.gz' saved [661049/661049]


ubuntu@FTPServerubuntu:~$ tar -xvf ravello_linux.tar.gz





ubuntu@FTPServerubuntu:~$ ls

ravello  ravello_linux.tar.gz


ubuntu@FTPServerubuntu:~$ cd ravello/

ubuntu@FTPServerubuntu:~/ravello$ ls

README  installer.sh  ravello-2.0.tar.gz

you might need to :

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install python-pip

sudo apt-get install -y python-setuptools

sudo pip install pysphere

Install the tool

sudo ./installer.sh


7. Import using import-tool cli to Ravello using your password:

cd /home/ravelloftp

sudo ravello import-disk <disk-file-name-in-this-directory> -u <username-for-ravello>

or for vm

sudo ravello import <ovf-file-in-this-directory> -u <username-for-ravello>

Once done, check the library content of your Ravello account.



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