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To open new technical issues or track existing issues, log into the Ravello cloud service, click on “Help & Support”, and then select “My Oracle Support". To contact Oracle Support by phone, refer to the Oracle Support Contacts Global Directory, scroll down that page past the Acquired Product Support section and the Online Support section for the list of phone numbers by country.
This Support page will be decommissioned by July 28,2017
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Supported clouds and additional regions + disclaimer

Accounts in Ravello are created by default with a limited set of regions available. If you require access to additional regions please open a support ticket.

These are the available regions currently supported by Ravello:

API Name Display Name
us-east-1 US East 1
us-east-2 US East 2
us-central-1 US Central 1
us-west-1 US West 1
us-west-2 US West 2
eu-central-1 Europe Central 1
eu-west-1 Europe West 1
eu-west-2 Europe West 2
sa-east-1 Sao Paulo
ap-east-1 Taiwan
ap-northeast-1 Tokyo
ap-southeast-1 Singapore
ap-southeast-2 Sydney  


1. Elastic IP regions should match the region where the application is to be published. Globally Available elastic IPs (denoted by the 'Globally Available ([location])' naming convention) are available for use in any region but it is recommended to use those from a location close by to the application.

2. If you plan to publish the application on a cost-optimized tier, it is recommended to use an Elastic IP from a globally available region.

3. The first boot of any VM on a new region (other than the one you already published) will be slower than the usual due to lack of storage cache in this region, however all preceding boots should perform as usual.


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