Effective June 19, 2017, support for the Ravello cloud services will transition to My Oracle Support (MOS) and the Oracle support hotlines and will no longer be provided through the Ravello Support portal. Please watch for communications being sent to commercial customers via email about the Support transition.

How to install VMware-tools on Ravello VM

There are two ways to install vmware-tools:

  1. Using the executable.
  2. Adding .ISO file as CD and installing the CD on the VM

Using the executable:

  •  In order to download the executable, from your VM browse to: http://packages.vmware.com/tools/esx/latest/windows/index.html
  • Go into the relevant directory according to your operating system:
    - x64 for 64 bit
    - X86 for 32 bit
  • Download the .exe file
  • run the exe file.
    • Click next until installation is complete.
    • restart the VM

Using the .ISO:

  • Import the .ISO to your account library.

    • Go to your VM application, and press the option Disks
    • “Add CD-ROM” and then click the browse option and choose the .iso file and click save & update.

    • Now login to your VM, and a pop-up will appear:

    • Run the installation. (in our example: “Run setup64.exe”)
    • Click next until the installation is completed.
    • restart your computer
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