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Ephemeral Access Tokens and End-User Portal

We often see Ravello customers wanting to provide temporary access to an environment to someone outside their team. Consider the case of a product manager who wants to enable his partners with temporary test environments for testing some product integrations. Or consider the case of a training provider who wants to give all students in his class temporary access to their own labs on Ravello - but just  for 1 week. Or perhaps an sales manager wants to provide temporary demo environments to his partner SEs. We have added ephemeral access tokens and a simple end-user view of the system to help with these use cases.  


Ephemeral access allows you to provide limited, time-based access to a specific resource or set of resources to another person, without them being a part of your organization. This can be very useful when integrating your own portal on Ravello infrastructure or when you want to provide an external user with temporary access. For example, you can use these tokens to grant your partners limited access to a specific demo environment, without creating a user in your environment or for providing your users an extended demo environment for a limited period of time.


For more information on Ephemeral access tokens see here:



However when we grant ephemeral access to a potential user or a student in a training lab, we don’t always want to make them enter the "Ravello world" - Canvas and network view, Library and VM properties configuration. In these cases we'd like to present our end users a more streamlined and clean environment where they can get an immediate impression of the application, its documentation and the proper ways to connect to each VM. In the Ravello end-user portal we achieve this exact purpose.


When you create a new Ephemeral Access Token for a single application, you are presented with one additional URL, which leads the user directly to the End-user portal.


Using this URL, your end user can now get direct access to the End-User portal:



By editing the application documentation, you'll be able to add whatever information or instructions you'd like to present to your end users including your own logo file.


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