Effective June 19, 2017, support for the Ravello cloud services will transition to My Oracle Support (MOS) and the Oracle support hotlines and will no longer be provided through the Ravello Support portal. Please watch for communications being sent to commercial customers via email about the Support transition.
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How to create an ephemeral access token

Ephemeral access allows you to provide limited, time-based access to a specific resource or set of resources to another person, without them being a part of your organization. This option can be advantageous when integrating your own portal on Ravello infrastructure or when you want to provide an external user with temporary access. For example, you can use these tokens to grant your partners limited access to a specific demo environment, without creating a user in your environment.

Note: You must have the appropriate permissions assigned to you in order to create and view ephemeral tokens.

To create an ephemeral access token:

  1. On the Applications page, select one or more resources, then click More > Grant Ephemeral access.
  2. In New Ephemeral Access Token dialog box, enter a name and description for the token in the designated field, then select the permissions to grant and the time limit for access.
  3. If you selected more than one resource, selected the preferred creation method (Different token for every application or All applications in a single token).
  4. Click Create. The dialog box is refreshed to display the Ravello UI URL and the API token details.
  5. Send the URL to the person(s) to be allowed temporary access.
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