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My mouse is not synched with my pointer when i use console

The issue with the mouse you are describing when using Windows is a known limitation when working with the Ravello console.

It can be mitigated by installing Vmware tools.

Furthermore, we highly recommend that you use RDP with Windows VMs running on Ravello.

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    venkata pidugu

    Please elaborate how to install the vmware tools in a VM itself. Since, it looks like free VM's provided already has open-vm-tools and new vm tools is operated by vm-tools-foundation. I guess if there is a structured step-by-step procedure to install vmware-tools on a cloud VM like this could be more helpful.

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    Tal Varkel

    This is solved by installing vmware tools.

    There are 2 ways to install vmware tools
    1. using the executable which can be downloaded from the VM itself using any browser.
    2. adding .ISO file as CD and installing the CD on the VM

    Both files can be downloaded from:

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