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To open new technical issues or track existing issues, log into the Ravello cloud service, click on “Help & Support”, and then select “My Oracle Support". To contact Oracle Support by phone, refer to the Oracle Support Contacts Global Directory, scroll down that page past the Acquired Product Support section and the Online Support section for the list of phone numbers by country.
This Support page will be decommissioned by July 28,2017
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Concepts and Terms

Familiarity with the use of these terms in the Ravello Service will assist you in working with our product:

  • Application design: A set of definitions that describe an application, including virtual machine images, supplied and required service interfaces, and connectivity, as applicable.
  • Application: Any set of virtual machines, network and storage devices and their configuration that you want to make available to users. In Ravello, an application also refers to an instance of an application that can be published or that is already running on the cloud. Multiple instances (or copies) of the same application can run at the same time.
  • Blueprint: A blueprint is a self-contained set of definitions that describe your application, and which can be used to create instances and deploy them on the cloud. A blueprint comprises a snapshot of an application instance and is created from an application design. The same blueprint can be used multiple times, however it cannot be edited.
  • Key Pairs: When working with generic or public VM templates, you can connect to VMs using predefined SSH key pairs. Key pairs are managed on the Library > Key Pairs page, however you can also add or import key pairs on-the-fly while creating a new application that is based on a public VM. Similarly, you can access key pair functionality from the General tab of the Details pane when a public VM is selected (for applications or blueprints).
  • Publishing: Publishing is the process of deploying the application in a cloud environment. Publishing the application instance creates multiple virtual machines in the cloud and defines the network overlay, or if changes are made to the instance design, implements those changes on a running instance.
  • Ravello Repo: A portal where Ravello users can share their blueprints, VMs, and disk images with others. [Admin1] 
  • Service: The interface on the virtual machine that exposes a service on a specific port and provides an entry point for accessing the applications/software that are installed on the virtual machine.
  • Sharing: A process whereby Ravello users can share library items (blueprints, VM images, or disk images) with users in other organizations or on the Ravello Repo portal. Sharing enables others to view and create copies of an item. Those copies can then be edited to suit the needs of other organizations.[Admin2]  If you make changes to the shared item in your library, they are automatically reflected in the version that is visible to other users. (If users make changes to their own copies of the item, these changes do not affect the item in your library in any way.)
  • Virtual machine image: A virtual machine image represents the definition of a virtual machine and hard disks, designed to run on a virtualization platform.
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