Effective June 19, 2017, support for the Ravello cloud services will transition to My Oracle Support (MOS) and the Oracle support hotlines and will no longer be provided through the Ravello Support portal. Please watch for communications being sent to commercial customers via email about the Support transition.

Getting Started workflow

Getting Started Workflow

In this pre-release version, you can create and publish an application instance according to the following suggested workflow: 

  1. (Optional) Install the Ravello VM Import Utility
  2. (Optional) Upload your virtual machine images from VMware vCenter
  3. Create an application using an image provided by Ravello or using an uploaded image
  4. Design the application instance
  5. Publish application instances in any public cloud

In addition, Ravello enables you to start, stop, and restart your applications, as well as update your applications, and save the application design as a blueprint.

You can also create and publish an application based on a blueprint, and view, start and restart specific VMs in a published application.




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