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Disk image upload issue

Originally from ticket #10753.

Hi Ravello,

I thought perhaps it was a limitation imposed by the trial, but even after upgrading to a paid account I cannot upload ISO images using the import tool.

Happens both in Chrome and IE. OS Windows 7.

Systems Engineer
IT Solutions

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    dudu gold


    please find you '.store.log' under the location specified here :

    [e.g : Logs will be saved to store.log under /Users/xxx/.ravello.]

    please send us the store log.

    also, you can review the store log, if you find errors regarding [WindowsError: [Error 5] Access is denied: 'c:\SafeBoot.fs'], this might indicate that your HD is encrypted or write protected, in this case the import tool cannot work in this environment, please find an alternative environment to upload from. Or allow write permission on this HD.



    Ravello support.


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