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VirtIO driver for Windows VMs

Follow these instructions to update the VirtIO driver on VMs running on Ravello.
This procedure applies for both Disk driver & Network driver.

1.  Using the VM Import Tool, upload the following .ISO to the library:


2. Add  a secondary HDD with VirtIO controller and  a disk (CD-ROM) with IDE controller.


3. Save and update the application.

4. Start the VM.  Once the VM is loaded, install the driver from the CD. 
    To install the driver, check the device manager for any unrecognized devices and choose to update driver.

5.  Navigate to the CD Drive with the VirtIO drivers.


     For the Windows 7 64-bit version, select the  WIN7 > AMD64  directory, and then click OK.

6.  Locate the right driver for your Windows Version:

   Windows Version


   Windows Server 2008 32-bit


   Windows Server 2008 64-bit


   Windows Server 2008 R2 32-bit


   Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit


   Windows 7 32-bit


   Windows 7 64-bit


   Windows 8 32-bit


   Windows 8 84-bit


   Windows Server 2012


   Windows Server 2012


 7.  Select the drivers listed for the Hard Disk Controller and click Next.


8. Change the controller for the primary HDD on Ravello to VirtIO.
9. Remove the disks added in step 2.


10. Click Save.

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