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How to create a VM by uploading existing disk files

You can create a VM by uploading existing disk files in these formats: VMDK and QCOW.

To create a VM by uploading disk files:

1     On the the Library > Disk Images page, click Import Disk Image.

2     When prompted, enter the password you use to log on to Ravello. The Ravello VM Import Tool main page opens, listing the VMs already imported and their status.

3   Click Upload to import additional VMs.

4     Select Create a new VM by uploading existing data files, and click Next.

5     Locate the file to upload as follows:

  • In the Folder field, enter the path to the file to upload.
  • From the Type dropdown list, select the type of file,
  • (Optional)  Filter the list of available files by entering search criteria in the Filter field.

6     Select the file to upload and click  to move it to the Selected Files list. Repeat for additional files as required.

7    In the VM name field, assign a name to the new VM.

8     Click Upload.

The VM is added on the VM Import Tool main page. The progress of the upload process is indicated for each VM.

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    William Indest

    Would be more helpful if you continued with the process of setting up the VM to be "launchable" from within Ravello.

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