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How to get my Ravello charges for current/past month

Ravello currently supports inquiries about charges for the current/past month via API call**.
The call output includes charges by application and the breakdown of products by application. For example, the output might show charges for an application with ID 9999, with charges for four products: networking, computing, IP addresses and diskspace. The summaryPrice tag is the total for each product and is based on the result of [productRate * productcount]

For information about the API call*, see: http://www.ravellosystems.com/developers/rest-api/billing.

*Restricted for admin role user.

**All charges reflect a 2 hours delay.



response example:


-charges: [
productRate: 0.21
summaryPrice: 49.14
productCount: 234
productType: "R1"
productName: "R1-Advanced, Amazon Performance Optimized, N. Virginia"
unitName: "R1/Hour"
productRate: 0.01
summaryPrice: 2.08
productCount: 208
productType: "IP_ADDRESS"
productUname: "IP_ADDRESS"
productName: "IP Addresses"
unitName: "IPs/Hour"
productRate: 0.12
summaryPrice: 3.7
productCount: 30.82
productType: "DISKSPACE_MB"
productUname: "DISKSPACE_MB"
productName: "Disk Space, GB"
unitName: "GB/Month"
productRate: 0.15
summaryPrice: 0
productCount: 0
productType: "NETWORKING_MB"
productUname: "NETWORKING_MB"
productName: "External TX Networking"
unitName: "GB"
applicationId: 9999
appName: "jenkins-flow-####-sanity-####-48"
-owner: {
id: ####
-roles: [
uuid: "####"
name: "Ravello"
surname: "####"
email: "####@ravellosystems.com"
enabled: true
activated: true
organization: ###
invitationTime: "1381752930320"
activateTime: null
creationTime: 1409616370102
blueprintId: ####

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