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How to override NAT and assign public IP on VM

In some scenarios involving IPsec/VPN, users would like to have a public IP address on their VM to override NAT issues that might disrupt tunnel connections.

For more about NAT issues, see: http://www.techrepublic.com/article/build-your-skills-learn-why-nat-can-cause-vpn-connection-problems/


To assign a public IP address to the VM:


  1. In the VM details pane, select the Networks tab.

  1. In the External Access area, select Elastic IP.

  2. Click Select to open the Elastic IP Addresses page.

  1. Select an existing IP address or click Create Elastic IP Address to add an IP address to the repository.

  2. Set up a static IP address with the chosen elastic IP with /24 subnet mask and default gateway x.x.x.1 as shown below.


Note: Elastic IP addresses can be deleted in the future from the Library > Elastic IP Addresses page.


  1. Click Save. The IP address information is updated in the Summary tab.

  1. Set up the VM IP configuration with the same IP settings.



  1. Test your Internet connectivity and your own IP address.


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