Effective June 19, 2017, support for the Ravello cloud services will transition to My Oracle Support (MOS) and the Oracle support hotlines and will no longer be provided through the Ravello Support portal. Please watch for communications being sent to commercial customers via email about the Support transition.
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How to view/edit a shared blueprint

You can view any blueprint that has been shared with you and make a copy for your own use. You can then modify the blueprint to meet the specific needs of your organization.

To view/edit a shared blueprint:

1     In the Library > Blueprints page, click Shared with me to view a list of the blueprints shared with you.
       (This list remains empty until a blueprint has been shared with you.)

2     Click the name of the blueprint to view it on the drawing canvas.

3     To make an editable copy for your own use, click Copy to My Blueprints.

4     Enter a new name for the blueprint and click Copy. The blueprint is added to your My blueprints list.

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