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How to share a disk image on Ravello Repo

Sharing a disk image enables others to view and create copies of the Disk Image, which can then be edited to suit the needs of other organizations. If you make changes to the shared disk image in your library, they are automatically reflected in the version that is visible to other users. (If users make changes to their own copies of the item, these changes do not affect the disk image in your library in any way.)

Note: You must have a public profile before you can share library items on Ravello Repo. 

Note: Sharing permissions must be defined in the assigned permissions group. If you are not authorized to share disk images, contact your system administrator.

Important: Make sure that the disk image does not contain any confidential or proprietary information before sharing it. 

To share a disk image on Ravello Repo:

1     In the Library > Disk Images page, select the disk image you want to share, then do one of the following:

  • Click Share > Manage sharing, and click Ravello Repo in the Manage Disk Image Sharing dialog box.
  • Click Share > Share Publicly on Ravello Repo.

2     In the Step 1: Short description field, enter a brief description of the disk image 

       (maximum 160 characters).This description will appear on the front page of Ravello Repo.
       Then click Next.

3     Click Review/edit Disk Image Documentation to update the documentation section of the disk image
       and provide useful information to the other Ravello users. The documentation provided is important to
       improving the usability of shared items. After updating the documentation, click Next.

Note: The documentation section is written in a “markdown” editor. 

If there is no documentation attached to the disk image when you click Next, you are prompted to add it now.If you do not wish to do so, click Continue Anyway.

4     Verify that the disk image does not contain any confidential or proprietary information before sharing it,
       then click Share. The disk image is shared on the Ravello Repo portal.

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