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How to start and stop application VMs in stages

In an application with multiple VMs, you can configure the VMs to start and stop in stages rather than all at once. Each stage can include multiple VMs.

To start/stop VMs in stages:

1     In the Settings tab, under Start/Stop Stages, click See Full List.

The Settings > Startup and Shutdown Stages page is displayed.

An unstaged VM is a VM that has not been assigned to a stage. The number of unstaged VMs is listed together with the number of stages defined for the application.

2     To create a stage:

  • Click + Create Stage.
  • In the New Stage dialog box, enter the name of the stage and specify the number of minutes to wait after starting this stage before starting VMs in the next stage.
  • Click Create.
  • Repeat to create additional stages, as required.

The stages are listed in the table. The following example shows that 2 stages have been defined for this application, with a 10 minute delay configured between the first stage and the next stage. No VMs have been assigned to either stage. The application has three unstaged VMs.

 3     To assign a VM to a stage:

  • Click Unstaged VMs Pool to view the list of VMs not yet assigned to a stage.
  • Select the VM, then select the stage you want to assign it to from the Move to > dropdown menu.
  • Repeat for additional VMs as required. (Each VM can be assigned to only one stage.)

4     In the Shutdown area (at the bottom of the page), select one of these options to define the shutdown order:

  • All at Once, regardless of stages.
  • Reverse Startup Order, the first stage started is the last stage shut down.

5     Click Save.

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