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How to add a user to permissions groups

It is important to assign the user to the appropriate permissions groups.  If a user is not assigned to any permissions group, the user cannot use the product.

Users can be assigned more than one permissions group.  If a user is assigned to more than one permission group, that user inherits the combined  permissions of both groups.  For example, if one group assigns Read permissions for applications and another allows Read and Create permissions for application, a user that is assigned to both permissions groups can Read and Create applications.

Note: If you need to prevent a user from performing a specific action, make sure that the user is not assigned to any  permissions group that allows that action.

To add a user to a permission group:

1     On the Admin > Users page, select the user, then click Add to Permission Group.

2     In the Permission Group dialog box, select the relevant permission group and click Select.  

3     Click Save

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