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How to install the VM Import Tool in the Ravello UI

 Before you can upload your own machine images, you need to download and install the VM Import Tool.

The VM Import Tool can be used in two ways:

  • From within the Ravello user interface (UI VM Import Tool)
  • From the CLI,  which allows you to upload your VMs offline and automate the upload process.

To install the VM Import Tool in the UI:

 1     On the Library > VMs page, click Import VM.  If the VM Import Tool has not been installed, 
        the Download VM  Import Utility window is displayed.

 2      Specify the operating system type.

 3      Select Download GUI VM Import Tool.

 4     Complete the installation as follows:

  • For a Windows operating system, follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the tool.  
  • For a Mac operating system, double-click the downloaded file, ravello_mac.dmg, and drag it into the installation folder.  
  • For a Linux operating system, download and extract the installation file, ravello_linux.tar.gz.  This creates the Ravello folder. Run the Ravello\installer.sh file to install the utility. If a dependency is missing, follow the on-screen instructions to install the missing dependency.   
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    Jesse Williamson

    It would be convenient download link right here in the help system.

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    Nathan Reller

    I don't see an installer.sh file in the current download.

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