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How to save a VM to the VM Librarry

You can save a VM that is included in your application design to the library for future use.  The saved VM is based on a snapshot and will have the same properties as the currently selected  VM.

To add a  VM to your library:

1      In the Application design workspace, do one of the following:

  • Select  the VM and click Save VM to Library on the toolbar
  • Right-click the VM and select Save to Library

        The Taking Snapshot dialog box is displayed.

 2     To take a snaphot without shutting down the VM, select No Shutdown,
        To shut down the VM before taking the snapshot,  select Shutdown.
        The VM will be restarted after the snapshot.    

3      Click OK.  The Save to Library dialog box is displayed.

4      Enter a name for the VM and click OK.   The VM is added to the library.

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