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How to generate a key pair

If you are using one of the images or blueprints supplied by Ravello (public images and public blueprints), you need to create or import a keypair in order to SSH into the VM.

When you generate a key pair using Ravello, the private key is downloaded as a file. The private key is not saved by Ravello. The public key is saved by Ravello and used when the VM is started.

Key pairs are managed in the Library page, however you can also add or import key pairs on-the-fly while creating a new application that is based on a public blueprint. 

Note: The key pairs generated by Ravello are compatible with Linux and Mac platforms only. Windows not does have a  native Windows SSH client.  To use these key pairs with Windows, it is necessary to convert the private key from the standard OpenSSH format to PuTTy's proprietary format using the PuTTygen tool.

To generate a key pair in the Library:

1      From the navigation pane, select Library > Key Pairs.

2      On the Library > Key Pairs page, click  Create Key Pair. The Key Pairs dialog box is displayed.

3      Select the Generate New Key Pair option.

4      In the Name field, enter a name for this key pair.

5     (Optional) Select the Set As Default checkbox to save time in the future.

7      Click OK.  A link to the downloaded private key appears near the bottom of your screen.


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