Ravello Support has moved to My Oracle Support.

To open new technical issues or track existing issues, log into the Ravello cloud service, click on “Help & Support”, and then select “My Oracle Support". To contact Oracle Support by phone, refer to the Oracle Support Contacts Global Directory, scroll down that page past the Acquired Product Support section and the Online Support section for the list of phone numbers by country.
This Support page will be decommissioned by July 28,2017
For more info: Visit our Customer Training page

How to modify an application design

You can view and edit an application design, for example, if you need to add another application server or open or reconfigure a service.

1      On the Applications page, click the application instance name. The Canvas tab is displayed.. The application design tab is displayed.

2      Edit the application design as required.

3     Click Publish to publish the application for the first time or click Update to apply the changes to a published application, as applicable.

Note: The update process does not republish the entire application, only the relevant changes. In some cases, a published VM will be rebooted as part of the process.

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