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How to use an IP filter

You can define and enable an IP filter that allows traffic from authorized source IP addresses only.

Alternatively, you can disable the IP filter and allow traffic from all IP addresses.

To enable the IP filter:

1       In the Network tab of the your application design or blueprint, click the IP filtering  IPFilter.png  icon.
         The IP Filter Properties are displayed in the details pane..

2      To allow network traffic from specific IP addresses only, select Is Active.
         The pane expands to display the Authorized Sources list.

3      To allow traffic from an IP address, click the +Add icon.

 4      Enter the IP address and subnet mask in the designated fields. (These parameters are mandatory).

5      Repeat for additional IP addresses, as required.

6      To remove an authorized source, click the corresponding Delete  icon.

To disable the IP filter:

1      Click the IP filter  icon. The IP Filter Properties pane opens.

2      To allow all network traffic, select Off.

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