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How to install the Ravello CLI on Windows platforms

Before you can upload your own machine images, you need to download and install the VM Import Utility.

 To install the CLI on a Windows platform:

 1     On the Library > VMs page, click Import VM. If the VM Import Tool has not been installed,
        the Download VM  Import Utility window is displayed. 

 2     Select Windows  from the OS list.

 3      Select  Download CLI VM Import Utility.

 4      In the popup dialog box, select Save File and  click OK. The install file is downloaded.

 5      Open the Downloads folder, and extract the zip file into a folder with the same name.

 6      Open the Windows command prompt, then navigate to the unzipped folder.

 7      Run the .exe file  to perform the installation.

 Note: If a problem occurs, follow the instructions contained in the README file  to install the CLI using a python script.

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    Kyle Bassett

    tried to install this on windows 2k8 64bit and received the following error... this is a machine running under ravello...

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    How to install it on Ubuntu Linux?

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    Sreesan PD

    Any installation guide for installing the VM Upload Tool in Ubuntu or Linux OS? There isn't any Readme file with the tar file for Linux. Or did I miss it?

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    We added Readme file to the installation package.

    You can find below the instructions:

    Requirements for installing Ravello's Python package:

    • Python 2.6 or Python 2.7

    • python-setuptools (can be downloaded using apt-get on Debian-based OS or yum on RedHat-based OS)

    To install the package, run installer.sh as root.

    To run ravello from the command line, type "ravello".

    To upload using the ravello UI, run "ravello_vm_import_server" in your terminal.

    Then, you can use ravello's management console at https://cloud.ravellosystems.com to initiate and control the upload process.

    To start a new upload process using the ravello management console, go to the Library tab and click the Upload button.

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