Effective June 19, 2017, support for the Ravello cloud services will transition to My Oracle Support (MOS) and the Oracle support hotlines and will no longer be provided through the Ravello Support portal. Please watch for communications being sent to commercial customers via email about the Support transition.

Videos & Tutorials

Here are some videos, tutorials and documents which will help get up to speed on how to use our system:


  1. See our getting started guide here. It is a step by step guide for create a basic two VM application.
  2. Here you can find five videos which will take you through the basic terminology, show you how to create a simple application, upload your VMs, save your application as blueprint and more. 
  3. Our complete user guide can be found here
  4. In the 'How to guides' section you will find a list of article explaining how to extract and upload virtual machine, use the UI and more. 

Please let us know what you think. We are eager to get your feedback, questions and feature requests. If you find any problem please open a ticket here.  


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